What is Budget Mentoring?

Budget mentoring is about providing you with the knowledge and tools to successfully budget. By understanding where you’re spending your money and identifying areas where you may be able to reduce expenses we’ll empower you to better manage your money so that you can become financially FIT and begin saving to reach your goals.

Budget Planning

If you're struggling with having enough money to pay your bills and live, the first step is to understand what you're spending your money on.

With our budget planning service we'll help you by building a personal Budget Plan and teach you how to stick to it so that you have the money to pay your bills when they arrive.

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Mentoring Program

We want you to learn to manage your own money.  That's why we offer a mentoring program to support you as you put your budget plan into action.

We're there every month to assist you when there's a bump in the road, so that you don't feel like you're doing it alone.

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Debt Restructuring or Consolidation

Restructuring or consolidating your debt can often alleviate budget stress.

That's why as part of reviewing your spending we will look for options to reduce repayments through debt restructuring or consolidation.

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Group Seminars

One of the biggest challenges facing our kids today is understanding how to manage their money and save for their goals, no matter how big or small.

That's why we're passionate about teaching financial literacy. We want to help them get off on the right financial foot right from the start.

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How is iBudget Mentoring different to other debt management services?

What DON’T we do?

  • We DON’T control your money or your spending
  • We DON’T manage creditors
  • We DON’T pay your bills for you

What DO we do?

  • We review your current income and spending to understand your current situation
  • We provide personalised budget advice and planning
  • We provide suggestions on how to reduce your spending
  • Through our network of trusted professional partners we can assist you with:
    • credit mediation
    • financial advice
    • finance and debt consolidation
    • accountants
    • counselling services
  • We provide ongoing support and mentoring
  • We educate you, so you have confidence to control your own budget!


  • We want you to become financially FIT!
    Think of it as having a Personal Trainer for your finances – you don’t expect your Fitness Trainer to exercise and eat for you!
  • We want you to learn how to manage your own money – not outsource the job to someone else
  • We want you to become financially independent and financially responsible

Next Steps...

Are you ready to reduce your debt, better manage your bills and start saving money?